When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Lights?

When Should You Take Down Your Christmas Lights?

We all know the debate about when to take your Christmas tree, but what about Christmas lights? When is the perfect time to take them down as well?

As your dedicated provider of Christmas Lighting installation in San Francisco, California, let us at Greenforce Outdoor Light offer you suggestions on when the most ideal time is.

  • On the Twelfth Night or 12 nights after Christmas
    This is the traditional date to take down holiday decorations, culminating in the evening called the Eve of the Epiphany. Not taking them down during this time is said to bring bad luck.
  • When It Is Most Convenient to You
    This is the most practical way to go around it, especially if you need to get back to work immediately after the holidays or when you have a particularly heavy holiday lighting installation going on and the only time you can ask your relatives or friends’ help is after Christmas Day.
  • The Next Season
    Yes! You may not have considered this option, but really, you can keep them up the whole year. Although as providers of Xmas light installation in California, we recommend keeping it minimal to save you electric bill costs and updating your lights to match other upcoming holidays in the year.

Whenever you decide or prefer, you can trust our holiday light installation services to take care of all your custom decorations, properly storing them in our facilities until the next season.

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