Avoid Turning Your Holiday Celebrations Into a Bonfire

Avoid Turning Your Holiday Celebrations Into a Bonfire

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), on average, 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees each year, resulting in 12 deaths, 24 injuries, and $16.4 million in property damage. And although homeowners insurance can protect you financially in most cases, it’s still no reason for you to put yourself and your family at risk.

As a professional provider of safe Christmas lighting installation in San Francisco, California, we at Greenforce Outdoor Light prioritize every person’s safety and security. Therefore, today, we’re giving you 10 tips to follow when decking your home with Christmas lights.

  • Replace old or damaged Christmas lights
  • Switch to LED lights
  • Follow “The Rule of Three” when doing holiday light installation (plugging in more than three sets of Christmas lights into a single extension cord may cause problems with overheating)
  • Look for lights with a UL safety certification
  • Keep your Christmas tree hydrated
  • Use outdoor and indoor lights appropriately
  • Use Christmas light clips instead of nails or screws
  • Secure all loose light strands
  • Don’t run Christmas lights through windows or doors
  • Use a GFCI outlet for outdoor light

BONUS TIP: Hire a professional to take care of the holiday light installation for you!

Contact us today for safe and reliable Xmas light installation in California.

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