Post-Holiday Uses for Your Holiday Lights

Post-Holiday Uses for Your Holiday Lights

Do you find yourself hesitating about taking down your Christmas lighting installation in San Francisco, California?

You’re not alone, even though we work on Xmas light installation in California as professionals at Greenforce Outdoor Light and are constantly exposed to beautiful twinkling lights, the dreamlike quality doesn’t go away. So we understand wanting to let them stay up the whole year-round.

We’ve listed down some of the ways you can do just this.

Take a look at some of our suggestions:

  • Fill out blank walls
    Tired of looking at your bare, blank walls staring back at you? Use your holiday light installation to decorate them. Make an art installation or simply use hooks to shape them into the patterns you want.
  • Illuminate your outdoor space
    Turn your outdoor spaces like your garden or patio into warm hang-out spots with your light installation pieces. Add some chairs and tables, even place a few lanterns, for that Insta-worthy set-up that looks pretty in photos as it is in real life.
  • Highlight some of your decorative pieces (and anything you want to highlight, really!)
    Bring your pieces to life, or any piece you would like to draw attention to—think your wine rack collection, your old bookshelf, or even your bed headboard by outlining it using your holiday lights.

We hope you got some ideas off of our list. Need assistance on your light installation? Please get in touch with us today! Our professionals will be more than glad to help you.

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