Why Red is the Color of Valentine’s Day: Exploring the Symbolism with Green Force Outdoor Light


The tradition of celebrating the Valentine’s Day can be traced back to many years ago when a priest, St. Valentine, was martyred for marrying couples against the emperor’s verdict. Throughout the years, the story changes, but what remains to be invariable is the primary color associated with Valentine’s Day – red. Wherever the color red is used, it conveys a bold statement. It represents deep love, romance, passion, desire, beauty, and energy. In addition, red stimulates our visual senses and brings a romantic quality, which is why we choose red flowers or red roses to give to our special someone during Valentine’s Day. With the help of a holiday Light installation, you can make your home ready for the Valentines.

For those in romantic relationships or hoping for one, red is the color that you should use. Why? Red is a visually appealing and an emotionally intense color. It evokes feelings of love and passion. It makes our blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration rate rise—like how love makes us feel. To imbibe a more romantic atmosphere, Greenforce Outdoor Light, a Christmas Lighting Installation in San Francisco, California, can help you install a good lighting system that works well for the Valentine season. Whether you are having a date or just wanting to feel the love at home or at your stores, good lighting will surely make you feel good.

There’s no denying that red color impacts our visual senses and overall frame of mind. This Valentine season, a vibrant shade of red is perfect to make your home or store stand out and season-trendy —something that we can help you with. Apart from that, we also provide a Xmas Light Installation in California to make your upcoming holiday celebration more lively and visually stunning.

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