Pro Tips for a Tangle-Free and Well-Lit Christmas Tree by Green Force Outdoor Light

Pro Tips for a Tangle-Free, Well-Lit Christmas Tree

As the “Ber” months roll in, you might be thinking of ways you can decorate your home this upcoming Yuletide season. What better way than by installing a beautiful, bright Christmas tree? Read on below to learn how the pros do Xmas light installation in California.

To decorate your tree, you will need a sturdy ladder and an extension cord. Before conducting your holiday light installation, make sure your bulbs are of the same wattage to prevent potential electrical mishaps. As you’ll likely only be needing one extension cord, it’s important not to overload it. In addition, always make sure it’s out of reach of children and pets in the household.

Now that you’ve prepared everything you need, make sure to untangle the lights carefully. Before conducting your Christmas installation, ensure all the bulbs and pieces are functioning as well. Coil the lights loosely around your hands, don’t drag the strings on the floor, and begin at the bottom of the tree.

Slowly coil the string around and weave them in and out of the branches. Do this for all the strands and plug each one together. Once you’re done, simply plug in the lights and make adjustments if necessary.

Sounds easy enough right? To make it less time-consuming and hassle-free, why not hire a holiday lighting installation company?

We at Greenforce Outdoor Light are a team of experts that provide Christmas lighting installation in San Francisco, California. Our well-trained Xmas lighting professionals provide efficient installation services, including maintenance for up to three months after installment.

Want to decorate your home with a complicated lighting design to make a lasting impression this upcoming holiday season? Contact us today! We also provide free estimates for all your Christmas lighting and decoration installment needs.

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