Can You Leave Your Christmas Lights on Overnight?

Can You Leave Your Christmas Lights on Overnight?

The short and simple answer: it depends.

It may not be the season for snow, festive ornaments, and holiday cheer, but for those individuals who continue to use their dazzling Xmas light installation in California even if it’s the middle of warm weather, there are a lot of safety precautions that you will want to keep in mind.

First and foremost, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), it is vital that you test your lights before hanging them. Whether you are displaying your lights indoors or outside of your residential and commercial properties, experts recommend checking each string of lights for possibly broken bulbs, loose connections, or frayed wires before plugging them into your outlets. Whether you are making use of old or new strands, making sure that your lights are safe means that you can prevent a lot of potentially dangerous situations.

Moving forward, the rules vary a little depending on whether or not your Christmas lighting installation in San Francisco, California is outside or indoors. For instance, faulty electric lights can charge your indoor furniture and appliances (even your Christmas trees!) and may become a source of harm. As a matter of fact, the National Fire Protection Association once concluded that hundreds of holiday fires in the U.S. occur annually as a result of Christmas tree-related causes. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Christmas lights alone are hazardous. However, when taken together with other factors like faulty wiring and the number of strands, staying safe can be a challenge.

With that said, the CPSC generally does not approve of the practice of leaving your holiday light installation on overnight. So, if you’re the type to completely forget to turn them off before bed, why not consider investing in a Christmas light timer instead? This can help make your electric bills a lot more manageable, too.

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