The History Behind Christmas Lights

Nowadays, Christmas lights cheerfully aglow every home and every establishment every month of December. Christmas trees surrounded with enchanting lights, and even the dancing Christmas lights, have given way to substantial displays that attract visitors and imbibe a positive spirit as Christmas season approaches every year. Clearly, Xmas Light Installation in California becomes a tradition every yuletide season. But how did Christmas lights begin?

According to historical resources, during the 1880 Christmas season, Thomas Edison established the first outdoor electric Christmas light display to the world. Outside his laboratory compound (the Menlo Park Laboratory), just near the railway, he displayed the first strand of Christmas light where many people could see every night. Can you imagine how enthralled people were at that time? Before that, families used to have candles to light up their Christmas trees, but that led to many fires in the homes. A couple of years later, Edward Johnson who was also an inventor under Thomas Edison’s supervision, created the first string of Christmas lights made of 80 small white and blue electric bulbs. However, people, including the government, were mistrustful about electricity at that time. It was only in the 1990’s that Christmas lights were mass-produced and department stores started displaying and selling them. Public holiday Light installation in stores, public places, homes, and government buildings become more admired in the US around the 20th century.

Evidently, the Christmas lighting tradition has withstood time. If you plan to install Christmas lights in your home, you can employ Greenforce Outdoor Light. We provide Christmas Lighting installation in San Francisco, California. Whatever colors or designs you love, we will adapt to your preference. From planning, designing, and installation, we have skilled and highly trained professionals to do them for you.

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