Knowing More About Christmas Lights Power Consumption

Knowing More About Christmas Lights Power Consumption

Christmas lights immediately make any setting feel magical, but do you know how much power they consume? Let your provider of Christmas lighting installation in San Francisco, California help you understand just how much. Knowing more about it will help you plan which lights would work best with your commercial or residential properties.

As an organization offering quality Xmas light installation in California, let us tell you that a number of things can influence your power bill charges. For instance, 70 counts of 5-millimeter Wide Angle LEDs use approximately 4.8 watts in total, while a 100-count string of incandescent light bulbs runs at 40 watts. Aside from the choice of bulbs, other factors include the number of lights you’re planning to use and how elaborate your Christmas light displays would be. If you want to know the total watts of your string lights, simply multiply the number of watts per light bulb with the number of bulbs you seek to use.

There are generally three major types of light usage. For typical light usage (where children’s eyes light up whenever they pass by your properties), the electrical usage cost is minimal since the typical decorator makes use of about three wreaths at most, a garland, and approximately ten strings of lights to wrap their outdoor trees with. On the other hand, if cars slow down and neighbors or customers stop by to enthusiastically tell you how much they adore your holiday light installation, then you’re probably outfitting your properties with a few more embellishments than the typical Christmas decorator. Such heavy usage may affect your energy bills, so it would help to calculate your power consumption ahead of time.

The last kind is where the Christmas decorator is so in line with the spirit of the season that they add lights not just to every inch of their property, but even to their outdoor trees. If cars line up outside to watch your displays, Greenforce Outdoor Light suggests that you calculate your power usage beforehand and ascertain which lighting would be best.

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