Christmas Safety Starts with Hiring a Pro Holiday Light Decorator

Adding Christmas lights is a great way to enhance your home’s festive holiday decor. While it may seem as simple as stringing them around your property’s exterior and trees, installing Christmas lights comes with several risks, such as electrical shocks, slips, and falls. If you want to avoid spending your holiday season in the hospital or recovering from injuries, it is best to hire professional holiday light decorators to handle the job. With their expertise and experience, you can rest easy knowing that your holiday decorations will be installed safely. They are highly trained and well-equipped for the job, and in case of an accident, they’re already insured.


Keep the season festive.


The CDC recorded over 17,000 trips to the ER because of ladder accidents from holiday decorating. Injuries from slips and falls can damper the holiday season, so consider hiring holiday light decorators to avoid such incidents.


Avoid fatal and costly incidents.


Besides slips and falls, house fires and electrical shocks are the other accidents that can happen during the holidays. Most homeowners lack electrical knowledge and experience, so they have a higher risk of endangering themselves and those around them. Professional Christmas light decorators are highly trained and knowledgeable about electrical panels and wiring, making them worth hiring to avoid electrical hazards.


Stay safe and protected


Did you know it’s more cost-effective to hire professional holiday light decorators? That’s because they have the necessary coverage and insurance in case of an accident. That means you don’t have to worry about paying for anything when something goes wrong while they’re working for you.


Keep your holidays safe and happy



Hire our professional holiday light decorators! Here at Greenforce Outdoor Light, we promise a hassle-free installation package that includes maintenance, takedown, and storage, all performed by highly skilled and reliable professionals. Call us for a free estimate, or fill out the form here.

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