Bay Area Post-Holiday Glow-Up: A Step-by-Step Guide on Adding Christmas Lights with Style

The holidays may be over, but that doesn’t mean you should take down the lights. At Greenforce Outdoor Light, we specialize in Bay Area Christmas light installation that keeps shining even after the festive season.

If you’re worried about your property looking too Christmas-y, our in-house design team can come up with fresh, versatile ideas to make your place bright and aesthetically pleasing throughout the year. Allow us to create a remarkable display as we coordinate your lights and ornaments with your property’s features.

We’ve also put together this detailed guide to help you make the most of Christmas lights for that post-holiday glow-up:


Pick the right lights.

White Christmas lights are timeless and versatile for their candle-like glow that adds warmth to the space. Moreover, their elegant neutral color matches any theme or occasion. At Greenforce Outdoor Light, we offer high-quality string lights that go perfectly with metallic ornaments and timeless decorations like monochromatic toppers and ribbons. We can even customize the look with garlands or small trinkets that are special to you for a personalized feel.

Working with colored lights

Do you want colored bulbs for your Bay Area Christmas light installation? We recommend picking 3 to 4 base colors. Red, green, yellow, and blue are versatile and can go well with any design. Plus, they allow you to get creative with your lighting display. Don’t forget to add seasonal ornaments that complement your color palette, and combine pieces in various sizes, shapes, textures, or materials for depth and visual interest.


Hire a pro

We often work with customers who need high-access displays, so don’t hesitate to call us for Bay Area Christmas light installation if you want to hang lights on trees, rooflines, and other high places. Our design team will assess your place and use property-friendly installation methods to deliver high-quality results while protecting your property.

Style your place with high-quality Christmas lights! Call (415) 673-1572 for a free estimate, or submit the online form through this website.

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